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Before publishing, there are ten crucial steps you must take to make your book a success.

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If you want to publish a book, but you aren’t exactly sure where to start or how to move forward, these tips are for you!  These are the strategies that I learned, through trial and error, while publishing over a dozen of my own books and SELLING OVER 100 THOUSAND BOOKS!

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 ● How to avoid mistakes that could negatively impact the sales of your book. I’ll show you how to set yourself up for success.

How to properly purchase an ISBN. Do it right the first time.

How to find your ideal reader. A well-written book is not enough to make a book successful...people have to buy your book.

How to develop a book marketing strategy. Without taking these steps, you could waste time, money, and effort publishing a book that results in no sales and no readers.

How to determine your book size. This is an important step that most authors overlook.

How to design a cover that sells, and much much more!



People have to buy your book!

So many new authors, in their excitement to become a “published author”, make mistakes that can instantly kill sales of their books before they even begin their journey as an author.


Don’t make these same mistakes!


Celebrated children's book author, Crystal Swain-Bates, was fed up with the lack of black children's books on the market, so she founded Goldest Karat Publishing in order to address the lack of diversity in children's literature. With over 100,000 books sold, her children’s books have been featured in Essence, CNN, the Huffington Post, and on television shows such as BET’s “The Game” and “Being Mary Jane.”

Major companies such as Amazon and Ingram, the world’s largest distributor of books, have spotlighted Crystal’s phenomenal success with their platforms. Her collection of books has made her a household name among black parents and families that want to expose their children to positive images of themselves.

Known as a “Diversity Publishing Pro”, Crystal offers done-for-you publishing services to authors who want to bring their books to life and to the market.

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