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My Story


When I first started publishing books, I wasted countless hours searching for helpful resources to point me in the right direction, but I struggled to find any that explained things simply.

So I figured things out by trial and error and suddenly, a lightbulb went off.


I realized that it's not enough to simply publish a book and expect it to sell, there's a business side of book writing that many authors ignore and their sales (and money!) have suffered as a result.  Don't be that author.

These days it seems like everybody and their momma is a coach. Don't you want to learn from someone who has walked the walk, instead of those who just talk the talk?

Listen, I've been there and I get it.  I want to see you win, so I have created publishing packages, coaching packages, and resources to demystify the self-publishing process and help you get off the struggle bus and start making money moves with your book! 

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