The Children's Book Masterclass

The step-by-step online course you need to publish your own children's book! This Masterclass is packed with content and many of my students publish their children's books within 2 to 3 months after completing it, with NO prior book publishing experience!

This course has helped my students bring their publishing dreams to life, even during quarantine...


What Will You Learn?

Part 1

Finding An Illustrator

The class kicks off with a bang as I go over the course agenda, then immediately open with a live demonstration of how to find illustrators in any budget.

You can't have a children's book without illustrations and this is one of the biggest stumbling blocks when it comes to publishing a children's book.

Don't waste money during this the wrong way (I know someone who spent $6K on illustrations she didn't even have the rights to use!), follow my process and the resources I provide to make this part easy as 1, 2, 3 !

  • Learn the free tool I use to find children's book illustrators in any budget
  • Get the exact script to say to an illustrator to be successful when hiring (there are some KEY things you HAVE to tell them) and watch a live demonstration of me going through the process. 

Part 2

Buying Your ISBNs

Let's demystify the process of purchasing an ISBN. I walk you through the steps of the ISBN process and explain what mistakes to avoid. 

Part 3

Choosing Your Categories and Keywords

You know you need to choose the correct categories and keywords for Amazon but how do you know what to choose? Learn my exact strategy for identifying the keywords readers are searching for to find your book. 

Part 4

Your Cover, Amazon Sales Page, and Uploading Your Book

In this section, you will learn the key ingredients to boosting your Amazon book sales, from cover design, to your book description, to your price. Then, I will walk you through actually uploading a book to Amazon so you can see exactly how it works and do it right, the first time. 

Part 5

Marketing Your Children's Book

After putting in the work to write and publish your children's book, you want it to sell! In this section, I go over the very first steps you should take to market your children's book. There is an entire Marketing Masterclass in my course library, but this section is enough to get you started. 

Part 6

Questions and Course Wrap Up 

In this section, I wrap up the teaching portion of the course and answer the most immediate questions.

Part 7

Q&A Session 

For many of my students, this is their absolute favorite part. Not only do I teach you the key steps to publishing your children's book, I spend HOURS answering everyone's questions in a separate Q&A Session. Why is this helpful? Because chances are, if you have a question about something I taught, someone else did as well and it gets answered during this session. This Q&A session is a course in and of itself!

Your Course Comes With the Following Bonuses:



    One of the hardest things about publishing a children's book is figuring out who will illustrate your book. Let alone who will typeset and format it. That's why I'm including my own personal list of people I have actually used for myself and my clients. Why? I want to remove every obstacle to your success! 


    Need help coming up with good children's book ideas that will actually sell? I researched the bestselling books on Amazon and created a list of 70 children's book topics that generate thousands of dollars for authors every month. Use my list to choose a topic that people are already searching for on Amazon and jumpstart your success!

  • MY BOOK STORYBOARD [Value: $27]

    People get stuck when trying to write a children's book because they can't visualize it. The secret to getting your children's book done is to use a storyboard. Using my storyboard, you will be able to easily "build your book" and finish the challenge with an actual mockup of your book! From the copyright page to the actual layout, my storyboard builder will help you bring your book to life!  


    Get lifetime access to the videos from my Children's Book Challenge. It's essentially a course in and of itself!

  • EASY BOOK SIZER [Value: $27] 

    My Easy Book Sizer will help you quickly choose the perfect trim size for your book, no ruler or trip to the bookstore required.

To Recap, You're Getting:


  The Masterclass, Valued at $497

+ The Bonuses, Valued at $415

= TOTAL VALUE    $912

   TODAY'S PRICE  $297



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