Become a Published Children's Author! 

Have you ever wanted to write your own children's book? Don't know where to start?

Join thousands of other aspiring children's book authors in this totally FREE online event July 19th-23rd to learn the step-by-step process!



People LOVE my challenges because they are packed with real, actionable information you can use to publish your book. No tricks. Just treats. #pinkypromise

Hello, I'm Crystal Swain-Bates!

Your Challenge Instructor

‚ÄčAs a bestselling author, I have written and published more than 12 books and sold over 361,000 copies on Amazon. Most authors sell less than 500 books in their lifetime but I know what it takes to write and publish a bestseller because I've done it. Now, I want to show you how to find self-publishing success.

BUT here's the thing: The most important work starts before you ever pick up your pen to write. In order to publish a book that sells, you have to follow a specific strategy. So I created a challenge to teach you the step-by-step process to publish your own children's book!