Introducing... Self-Publish Like a Pro

The step-by-step online course you need to stop guessing and start publishing your books like a pro!

So What's in the Course?

Using step by step video tutorials, this 24 lesson course teaches you how to publish your own book, starting from the time you have an idea until the moment your book has been printed.

Module 1

Getting Started

Module 1 sets the foundation for the entire course.

  • Learn the benefits of publishing a book and identify your why
  • Brainstorm your topic
  • See the step-by-step process as I show you how to validate your book idea to make sure you write a book you can actually sell!
  • Learn how to write a book that readers actually want to read. 

Module 2

Writing Your Book

In this section of the course, you will learn the key methods you can use to quickly and easily write your book, even if you aren't the best writer! 

  • How to easily outline your book 
  • How to find your ideal reader
  • How to quickly and easily write your book, even if you aren't the best writer! 

Module 3

Formatting Your Book

This module will teach you formatting essentials, such as choosing a book size, binding, layout, and color. You will learn how to find and hire your book team, including an editor, illustrator, formatter, and more.

  • Learn the formatting essentials you need to know to publish your book
  • How to choose your book size and binding
  • How to find and hire an illustrator

Module 4

Publish Your Book

In this Module, you will learn the publishing essentials, such as:

  • How to choose a print on demand company
  • When and how to purchase an ISBN
  • How to set your price
  • A step-by-step video explaining how to upload and publish your book


Your Course Comes With the Following Bonuses:


  • The "Find Your Ideal Reader Workbook" to help you figure out who will read your book and how to find readers.
  • The "Easy Book Outlining Workbook" to help you quickly get brainstorm your book idea, organize your thoughts, and outline your ideas so you can get them out of your head and into a book as quickly as possible. 
  • The "Build Your Book Team Workbook" to help you find and hire illustrators, editors, etc the RIGHT way and avoid wasting money.
  • The "Write a Book Description That Sells Workbook" provides a fill in the blank template with step-by-step directions to show you exactly how to write a book description that will drive more traffic to your book page and bring you more sales.


Great question! You can definitely try to figure things out on your own by googling "How to Self-Publish a Book" and reading advice from random people online.

But, if you are serious about publishing your book, you have to commit to investing in yourself.

If you’re tired of skimming through thousands of articles, reading contradictory advice, and trying to figure out how to piece it all together and just want someone to show you exactly what to do, so you can stop wasting time and finally become a published author, this course is what you need.

Not only do you get thorough, reliable and easy-to-follow information all in one place, you also get access to Crystal.

I’m sorry to hear that but honestly, you are not alone. The reason you’ve been unsuccessful is not because self-publishing can't work for you. It’s because you didn’t have the right know-how.  Once you’re in the course and armed with the right knowledge and expertise, you will be able to successfully self-publish your book.

30 Day No-Risk Guarantee

If you’ve gone through the material and it isn’t the right fit for you, just shoot me an email, and I’ll promptly give you all of your money back. Simple as that.

There’s absolutely no reason not to make a commitment in yourself and your future.

Here's the Thing...

Why pay someone thousands of dollars to publish your book when you can learn how to do it yourself for a fraction of the price?

I built my book empire using the exact same information I teach you in this course. If I can do it, with no formal education in writing or publishing, so can you with my step by step program.


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